Ed Horvath Interprovincial tournament

The Ed Horvath tournament takes over Medicine Hat

By: Elizabeth Merritt

The Ed Horvath Interprovincial tournament took over all the Medicine Hat arenas and hotels December 5-7, 2014.

Teams from across Alberta and Saskatchewan made the trip to Medicine where 88 games were played in three days.

There was no home town tournament so they started this tournament so the teams could play in their home town, said Ed Horvath, who the tournament is named after.

The tournament is split into two different weekends because of how many teams and division there are now when in the beginning of this tournament there were two or three divisions taking part.

Eight Medicine Hat teams took part in the tournament while there were 14 Calgary teams participating.

Horvath has been involved with the sport for about 35 years from when he first brought the sport into part of Regina where he was living at the time.

He was a sports director at the time and when he got transferred to Medicine Hat for work he started up ringette since it hadn’t made it there yet and he would take the sport into schools gym classes to try and get as many girls to sign up for the season.

I enjoy the whole tournament weekend with refereeing and watching games and just seeing all the players having fun, said Horvath.

“It’s always a good tournament.

“We always have great competition and it’s very well run.” said Scott Armstrong, coach of Calgary BV U16B Strike.

I like seeing players become coaches when they’re young, said Horvath talking about the young coaches at the tournament.

“Having all these other teams come in, it’s exciting for the girls to play different teams all the time.” said Dieter Stanke, the coach of the Medicine Hat U16B Blaze team.

Six different age groups from U12 to U19 took part in playing the 88 games all around Medicine Hat.

“It’s defiantly an honour and gratifying to have a tournament named after.

“I didn’t really get much of a say in it,” said Horvath.

He had gotten a call asking what he thought of a tournament being named after himself and he was told it was being named after him for all the hard work he had put into starting ringette in Medicine Hat.

Horvath enjoys ringette a lot because it’s such a team sport with having to pass the ring over the blue line.

“It was a great opportunity to catch up with people I’ve met throughout the ringette community,” said Teresa Merritt, who was just at the tournament to watch some good ringette games.

Merritt likes going to tournaments where there are really good games with good competition to watch.

“It was a well run tournament,” said Merritt who appreciates the work put into tournaments from helping put on the biggest tournament in the world every January.

After being involved with ringette for many years I’ve met so many nice people through being at the rinks and there are always people stepping up with new ideas who are willing to put in the time to help with the growing sport, said Horvath.

In the finals there were six of the 14 Calgary teams while there were three of the eight Medicine Hat teams were playing for the gold medal.

At the U12A division it was Calgary NW Nitro vs. Red Deer Revenge.

At U12B the LA Rattlers played Calgary NW Devils.

At U12C Calgary NW SWAG played Medicine Hat Titanium.

At U14A Regina Ringers played Red Deer Rip Tide.

Saskatoon HotShots played Medicine Hat Fierce in the U14B final.

In the U16A divison Calgary North Ascent played Airdrie Sting.

In the U16B division Calgary North Fury played Calgary BV Bold.

At the U19A division Medicine Hat Karma played Beaumont.

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