Red Deer Friends on Ice

This weekend I’m going to be in Red Deer with the Crossfire for the Red Deer Friends on Ice tournament. There are a total of 62 teams participating from the U6 through to Open D. I’m really looking forward to this tournament because it’s been a long time since I’ve been to this tournament, so it holds a bunch of memories for me. The first game for Crossfire is against Strathmore Ice Fusion and their second game on Friday is against Red Deer Rampage. On Saturday they don’t have a game Read more [...]

NW Ringette Rumble

It was another busy tournament weekend, and I was back at the rink with the team I coach. This time we were at the NW Ringette Rumble in town and I watched as many games as I could. Between Crossfire’s games Friday I stuck around the rink watching a bunch of games because really where else would I be during a tournament. All the games I watched were amazing and a bunch of the plays even had me saying wow and trying to figure out how it worked. Saturday was an early morning for Crossfire with Read more [...]

Lonnie Krahn Classic day two

Day two of a tournament is always busier than the first day it feels like. Today Crossfire had their first game at 1:30 p.m., so I went earlier than I needed to be there to watch more games. There's always more people at rinks to talk to on the second day of a tournament since not everyone can get the Friday off. Crossfire had a bit of a tough game, but with it being the very beginning of the season they're sill getting used to playing with each other. I'm not sure how their second game will Read more [...]

Lonnie Krahn Classic day one

Tournament season has officially begun in Calgary. Teams from throughout Alberta have made there way to Calgary for the 22nd Annual Lonnie Krahn Classic. There are 38 teams participating in 10 levels ranging from U10 to U19A (3 U10, 4 U12A, 4 U12B, 4 U1C, 4 U14A, 4 U14B, 4 U16A, 4 U16B, 3 U19A, and 4 U19B). This morning U16B Cal East Crossfire (the team I'm coaching) played Indus Lightning and it was a really good game, but they ended up losing 9-6. The game was back and forth for Read more [...]

Tournament Tips

Tournaments are starting up again, so there's most likely going to be a lot of time spent at the rinks with multiple games going on. Some tips I find helpful for tournaments are: Getting lots of rest whenever possible Drink a lot of water Eat healthy STRETCH!- this is probably one of the most important things to do since there's not a lot of time to recover between games sometimes Spend a lot of time with your team- there's nothing better than a tournament to bond with your team Tournaments Read more [...]

My first CORA Classic

Starting tonight I'm playing in my first CORA Classic Tournament. It's the 5th Annual CORA Classic, and the tournament was started when the Esso Golden Ring grew bigger and it was decided that Open wouldn't be part of the Esso Golden Ring. It's going to be another weekend full of amazing ringette games and just about all games are being played at Canada Olympic Park Markin MacPhail Centre and schedules can be found here. Some Calgary teams start the tournament off tonight by playing other in Read more [...]

History of the Esso Golden Ring

The first Esso Golden Ring was held January 2-5, 1986 at Village Square arena with 22 teams participating playing a total of 59 games.  Divisions competing were Junior, Belle, and Deb.  The tournament started as an ‘A’ level tournament, which is equivalent to what ‘AA’ is today.   January 2-4, 2987- 21 teams participated in 54 games.  Teams from Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba competed in the Tween, Junior, Belle, and Deb levels.   December 27-29, Read more [...]

Helping with media at Westerns

Getting the chance to help with media at the 2015 Western Canadian Ringette Championships here in Calgary was a really great experience and I got to have. I got to watch some amazing ringette games and I got the chance to help with something that I’m going to school for and got some experience in what I want to do after school. I got the chance to photograph quite a few games and wrote a feature article on the tournament before it started. Throughout the tournament I helped with the team Read more [...]

My thoughts on this years Western Canadian Ringette Championships

Westerns were so much more than I thought they would be.  I wasn't too sure what to expect with it being my first time experiencing it.  I want to thank U14AA Calgary 212, Open A Calgary Blitz, and Open A Winnipeg Goons for letting me join you on your bench during your games to take pictures.  Being on the bench with you made taking pictures 10 times better because I got to combine two things I love. I think that the tournament went really well for its size and the type of tournament that the Read more [...]

Western Canadian Ringette Championships

What an amazing tournament! It was such an amazing experience for myself.  I never got to participate in any tournaments like WCRC when I played so getting to experience the tournament with helping with the media was just amazing. Congratulations to teams that participated! All the games I got to watch part of were amazing to see.  The games played were truly the best of the West and I hope to get to watch more amazing games like the ones I saw again. Here's the video that was played at Closing Read more [...]