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Why I Coach

After playing for 11 years and reffing for three years at the time I wanted to become involved in a different aspect of the game. When I was playing I had some really amazing coaches and felt like what they had taught me had to be shared with younger ringette players. For the first year I just junior coached to see if I liked it or not, and also because I was still in high school. The year of junior coaching the team came in second in cities and if there had been a wild card spot they would’ve Read more [...]

Lonnie Krahn Classic

Today had an amazing start to the day.  First game of the season for the Fireballs, the start to a tournament.  I was actually excited to get up this morning, and I'm not a morning person.  Even though I personally still had to go to class while the girls on the team I coach didn't it has been a great day. The Fireballs won their first game as a team 7-6 against BV Blitz.  At half time they were losing 6-2 and they were able to come back and win their game.  They played an amazing game and Read more [...]

How to survive tournament weekends

With tournaments already starting up again here are some ways I get through them Get as much rest as possible- make sure to have down time in between games if you have more than one a day Drink lots of water Eat healthy- make sure to have a good breakfast STRETCH- this is probably one of the most important. Make sure you stretch properly before and after games. Eat after games Get pumped up- get yourself pumped up for games Laugh and have fun- tournaments are all about having fun so make Read more [...]

Season back in full swing

Being back on the ice is an amazing feeling. The sound of the ice crunching under my skates is a sound that I have missed since the season ended last March. Being back at the rinks every week is something I look forward to every time I leave the rink, just wanting to be on the ice as much as possible. Going to the rink every weekend is one of my favourite ways to spend my weekend. Being able to shoot the ring again is an amazing feeling and one of the things I miss the most about playing. Helping Read more [...]

Tournament season has begun

Tournament season is already starting. The U12C team I coach got into the Lonnie Krahn Classic tournament held October 16-19, 2014 here in Calgary. This particular tournament used to be held in the spring and called the Lonnie Krahn Spring Classic. With tournaments starting up again it means spending weekends at rinks watching games. I can’t wait for tournaments, especially out of town ones. Early morning games in tournaments don’t always feel that early to me. It’s just a whole different Read more [...]