Sunset time lapse

The other night I went out to try and photograph the meteor shower, but I had some trouble finding a spot where there wasn’t light. I set up my camera for a time lapse of the sunset while I was waiting to see if the spot I found would be good for the meteor shower. My camera was set up for a picture every three seconds. Once I saw the photos starting to get too underexposed I stopped the time lapse and changed settings before starting a new time lapse. Sunset time lapse from Elizabeth Read more [...]

Calgary Rath vs. Edmonton Black Gold Rush time lapse

On Saturday I was at both of the Calgary Rath vs. Edmonton Black Gold Rush games and I tried something that I've never done.  I made a time lapse of their game. The first try didn't go so well.  At first I tried to have a picture be taken every ten seconds and I found that it was too slow for the fast pace of NRL and the majority of ringette games I watch and have seen in the past, so I then changed it to five seconds and it was just too slow.  I just stopped trying at the first game since Read more [...]