Singing cheers on the Morning Show

In 2004 my team got the chance to sing some cheers on the Morning Show before our first game.  I remember it being a lot of fun and that I got to give a ringette sweater and stick to the person from the Morning Show that came out to the arena we were at.


My First Esso Golden Ring

In 2002 I played in my first Esso Golden Ring tournament and my aunt who signed me up for ringette came out to the tournament, but I didn’t find that out until the Friday morning. I don’t remember too much from that tournament, but I asked my mom about my first Esso Golden Ring. During the tournament my aunt took me up to the control room, so some of the committee members could finally meet me since my aunt would talk about me since I joined ringette. At the end of my final game my aunt gave Read more [...]

My first ringette camp

I still remember my very first ringette camp.  I had just moved to Calgary from Winnipeg and my aunt had signed me up for the NW Calgary ringette camp, and had gotten some equipment for me along with telling my mom where to get the rest.  I knew absolutely no one going to the NW ringette camp. I was the slowest skater there and I think one of the smallest.  I could barely skate, so some of the instructors would skate with me so I wasn't all alone behind everyone else.  I hated ringette back Read more [...]

Winning the Lonnie Krahn Classic in 2014

Winning the Lonnie Krahn Classic is something that I’m not going to forget anytime soon. It was the first time I was with a team that won a tournament, and the games against the other team in the tournament were the tensest games that weekend.

I’m pretty sure both games were won by only a goal, and being on the bench was almost stressful with how close the games were.

It was an amazing weekend for ringette I remember, and it is for sure a weekend that I’m not going to forget.

My first penalty

My first penalty is something that I will never forget because it happened in my first season when I was six years old. Normally if someone in Bunnies gets a penalty they would have to sit on the bench instead of going to the penalty box. I remember being at a tournament and being sent on the ice too early or I was too slow at getting off the ice, so I got sent to the penalty box for there being too many people on the ice. I remember crying so much in the penalty box because I didn’t know what Read more [...]

Meeting Agnes Jacks

In 2004 I got the chance to meet Agnes Jacks during Nationals when they were here in Calgary. Even though I don’t remember too much from then I defiantly remember getting to meet Agnes Jacks. My aunt would drive Agnes around during Nationals and because my dad was volunteering for security my mom and I went to watch Nationals. It really was an amazing experience and I’m glad that I got a chance to meet her. Read more [...]

50 hour game

Being part of the 50 hour game to celebrate 50 years of ringette on November 1, 2013 in Indus, Alta was a really great experience. Reffing a game at midnight is something that I won’t soon forget. It was actually quite entertaining and it was such a great experience. I remember having a nap that night before leaving for Indus when I would normally be eating and stopping at a 7-11 on my way to the rink to get a slurpee and an energy drink just so I wouldn’t fall asleep. It was a great Read more [...]

Helping with media at Westerns

Getting the chance to help with media at the 2015 Western Canadian Ringette Championships here in Calgary was a really great experience and I got to have. I got to watch some amazing ringette games and I got the chance to help with something that I’m going to school for and got some experience in what I want to do after school. I got the chance to photograph quite a few games and wrote a feature article on the tournament before it started. Throughout the tournament I helped with the team Read more [...]

On the bench with Calgary Rath

On Sunday, March 1, 2015 I got an amazing opportunity to be on the bench with Calgary Rath from the National Ringette League (NRL) for one of their games against BC Thunder. I had a class assignment to photograph a sports event, so I of course wanted to focus on a ringette game. That weekend was a crazy weekend for ringette I remember- I had to go to Hussar, Alta. to coach my team in Provincial Playdowns- so I was only able to make it to the game at 8a.m. on the Sunday. It was seriously Read more [...]

Provincial playdowns in Standard, Alta

Having to go to Standard, Atla. for provincial playdowns in January 2011 is something that I won’t forget for a long time. It was the season I had been out injured with a fractured rib and then a shoulder injury that happened during my first game back before Christmas. I was good to play in provincial playdowns that had to be played to determine who went to provincials that year. Our city finals weren’t going to finish early enough before provincials, so they held provincial playdowns to determine Read more [...]