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Queens of D

Queens of D is a 3on3 game and the object of the game is for the defence team to not let the forwards score. If the forwards score they become the defence. The game is finished when a defence team has beat everyone of you don’t have time to finish the game.

The summer without ringette

The summer without ringette means something different to everyone.

Last summer I went to 3on3 a few times, booked ice to practice, and played in the August Ringette League.

This summer I’m playing in the August Ringette League and until then I’m working on strengthening my knee.

Other things to do throughout the summer are different camps that are held. You can also book some ice time and invite a bunch of friends out.

What do you do during the summer without ringette?

Small area intensity games

These kinds of games are good to play at the beginning or end of a practice to get everyone involved. 2on2 Put four pylons in a rectangle in front of the net. On the coaches whistle four players will skate into the rectangle and play 2on2 while staying in the rectangle. Every time the ring leaves the rectangle or they score the coach passes another ring back into the rectangle. Read more [...]