Coaching and Playing Update

It’s about halfway through the first half of the season and it’s been flying by. For playing we’ve won one game so far and have had some pretty good games, but just can’t seem to break the other teams’ triangles or figure out the goalies’ weaknesses’. At some games we haven’t had a lot of skaters, so those games have been a little bit of a struggle. Typically, we’ll have a game once a week but sometimes have more than one game a week. When there’s been a game or two in a week Read more [...]

Playoff Update

Tonight we have another game. We won our first two games in overtime and now we have to win tonight to continue playing. The first team we played was Ruckus and it was a very close game. The score in the end was 3-2. I wasn't at this game, but I've been told it was a very very close game and that we played really well. For the second game we played Defiance. It was a tough game to get through. At the end of the second period it was 5-5. Luckily we scored within 30 seconds of overtime. If we Read more [...]

Half a season already over

Another season is already half over. It feels as if the season only just started. I only have a short bit away from the rink until Crossfire has another practice and then three practices and a game later we're going to Red Deer for the Friends on Ice tournament. For playing we finished off the first half of the season with four games and a fun ice in 7 days. We lost three of the four games and the game we won was a really great game and we were able to keep the lead the whole game. So far we've Read more [...]

My first CORA Classic

Starting tonight I'm playing in my first CORA Classic Tournament. It's the 5th Annual CORA Classic, and the tournament was started when the Esso Golden Ring grew bigger and it was decided that Open wouldn't be part of the Esso Golden Ring. It's going to be another weekend full of amazing ringette games and just about all games are being played at Canada Olympic Park Markin MacPhail Centre and schedules can be found here. Some Calgary teams start the tournament off tonight by playing other in Read more [...]

Mid first half of the season update

Quite a lot has happened since the beginning of the season.  I've played quite a few games with Open B Assault and I'm loving being on a team again.  I'm also coaching, which is something that I love because I love sharing what I've learnt from some of my favourite coaches with younger girls in the sport. For coaching they went to Lethbridge for two games on a Saturday in October and then I had to get back to Springbank for my own game that night- it was a very crazy day. I also reffed my Read more [...]

How this weekend went

This weekend has been quite a busy weekend.  Yesterday I was in Lethbridge to coach and then was in Springbank for my own game.  The games in Lethbridge were tough games the Renegades to play.  The scores were quite a huge difference and were just hard to watch because the girls were feeling down because of how the games were going. My game last night was a bit tough.  We lost 8-4 and I ended up sitting out part of the game near the end because of a headache I had and it was getting worse. Read more [...]

Ref clinic update

This weekend is the ref clinic for the rule change year. Every two years it’s mandatory for refs to go a refresher clinic where a new rule is introduced or where something is clarified.

I’m sure that this year there isn’t a new rule being added, but instead things are going to be clarified. Once I know what it is that is the rule change I will make an update about it because it’s stuff that has to be known before games start up again.

First practices for coaching and a game update

This past weekend I got to meet the team that I’m coaching this season. They had two practices and have another practice Wednesday night. The practices went pretty good in my opinion for it being the first practices of the season. I have a feeling that it’s going to be a good year with them. Also I know some of the girls on the team already from coaching them the past few years, so it’s nice knowing some people on the team already. Also this past weekend I had my second game playing for Read more [...]

My first game playing for Assault

On Sunday night I had my first ringette game with Open B Assault, and it went pretty well. I was pretty nervous actually since I haven’t been on a team in three years, and I’m new to playing in the Open level. I know I could’ve done better with how I played since I know when I’m more comfortable at a newer level I’m more competitive and just play to the best I can since I’m more comfortable. We lost the game 8-5, but it was a good game still. During the second period a lot of us Read more [...]