Calgary Rath vs. Edmonton Black Gold Rush time lapse

On Saturday I was at both of the Calgary Rath vs. Edmonton Black Gold Rush games and I tried something that I've never done.  I made a time lapse of their game. The first try didn't go so well.  At first I tried to have a picture be taken every ten seconds and I found that it was too slow for the fast pace of NRL and the majority of ringette games I watch and have seen in the past, so I then changed it to five seconds and it was just too slow.  I just stopped trying at the first game since Read more [...]

Calgary Rath takes on the Gloucester Devils

This weekend Calgary Rath takes on the Gloucester Devils in four games.  Today Rath won both of their games and they were really great to watch.  I love going and watching really good ringette games. The first game went to a shoot out that Rath won.  It was a pretty long shoot out, because quite a few of the shooters brought the ring back so it wasn't going in a forward motion and the goals were called off.  In a shoot out or penalty shot you have to keep the ring in forward movement. The Read more [...]

Calgary Rath’s home opener against Edmonton Black Gold Rush

Yesterday Calgary Rath had their home opener in Strathmore, Alta. against Edmonton Black Gold Rush. Rush won the game 6-3. It was a really great game to watch, because I find the National Ringette League games are really amazing games to watch. Edmonton Black Gold Rush is a new NRL team this year. Despite the loss for Rath it was an amazing game to watch and I can’t wait to go to more NRL games this season. Read more [...]

Calgary Rath takes on Black Gold Rush

Today Calgary Rath takes on Black Gold Rush in their first game of the season. Their game starts at 2p.m. in Strathmore, Alta. I will be at the game taking photos, and I will be updating my Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram while at the game. It should be a good game to be at today, and I'm very excited to be going and taking pictures at the game. Read more [...]

On the bench with Calgary Rath

On Sunday, March 1, 2015 I got an amazing opportunity to be on the bench with Calgary Rath from the National Ringette League (NRL) for one of their games against BC Thunder. I had a class assignment to photograph a sports event, so I of course wanted to focus on a ringette game. That weekend was a crazy weekend for ringette I remember- I had to go to Hussar, Alta. to coach my team in Provincial Playdowns- so I was only able to make it to the game at 8a.m. on the Sunday. It was seriously Read more [...]

An amazing experience

This morning I had one of the most amazing experiences. I got to be on Calgary Rath’s bench during their game to take photos. It was amazing, not only did I get a lot of amazing pictures I got to see how it was on the bench at their level. When I was younger and still learning the game of ringette I looked up to the Rath girls and have always loved watching their games. Rath came back to tie the game 6-6 with only 10 seconds left of the clock, and then lost it in a shoot out. I would’ve absolutely Read more [...]

A busy day for ringette

Calgary Rath won their first game against BC Thunder today 4-1. While their game was going on U12C teams were playing their own games in Hussar hoping to win enough games to get to provincials. There were a total of nine games played in Hussar with six games left to play tomorrow.  It was some good ringette to watch in Hussar; however, as a coach it was a tough game to watch today. It all comes down to the games tomorrow to see who places where in each pool to decide who goes to provincials. Calgary Read more [...]

Calgary Rath takes on BC Thunder

This weekend Calgary Rath is taking on BC Thunder four times; they are playing two games on Saturday and two on Sunday. On Saturday they play a game out in Airdrie and one in Calgary while both of the games on Sunday are taking place in Calgary. The first game is at noon at Norma Bush in Calgary; the second game is at 5:30 p.m. at Genesis Place in Airdrie. On Sunday both games take place at WinSport’s Canada Olympic Park Rink A; the first game is at 8 a.m. and the second is at 3:30 p.m. These Read more [...]