Four corners follow your pass

This drill is a good drill to practice passing while skating, and keeping your head up. In this drill you will need someone in four corners (each corner, and on the dots above the blue line. Have everyone else line up in one corner where all the rings are. The first person skates a bit before passing a ring to the person diagonal from them and then follows their pass. The next person passes the ring to the person across from them. Next the ring gets passed diagonal from them. Once the last Read more [...]

L-Cuts and Lead Passes

L-cuts and lead passes is a good drill to do because it can be similar to part of a game when you’re breaking out of your defensive zone. To do this drill line up in two lines above the blue line, and have everyone have a ring. The first person to go doesn’t have a ring and they skate across the blue line and cut in to the middle of the ice and skate parallel with the blue line and receive a pass from the first person in the other line. The person making the pass will be passing the ring Read more [...]

Queens of D

Queens of D is a 3on3 game and the object of the game is for the defence team to not let the forwards score. If the forwards score they become the defence. The game is finished when a defence team has beat everyone of you don’t have time to finish the game.

Small area intensity games

These kinds of games are good to play at the beginning or end of a practice to get everyone involved. 2on2 Put four pylons in a rectangle in front of the net. On the coaches whistle four players will skate into the rectangle and play 2on2 while staying in the rectangle. Every time the ring leaves the rectangle or they score the coach passes another ring back into the rectangle. Read more [...]

One time shots on the boards with a partner

Something that I have personally come to love to do during practice is one time shots on the boards with a partner. What you need to do to be able to do this is have a partner and a couple of rings. Stand about a crease length apart and one person passes the rings while the other stabs the ring and shoots it as quickly as possible. Switch up who is passing and shooting and also be sure to shoot and pass from both your forehand and backhand. This really helps for in games when you get one of Read more [...]

Keep away

A good drill/ game for in practice is keep away.  There are a few variations of keep away. One version of keep away is having five to six players in one of the free pass circles and have all of them but one start with the ring and the ones with a ring have to try and keep their ring away from the one without a ring. Another version is to have everyone in between the ringette line and blue line and have a couple people without rings trying to get the rings from those with rings.  The one thing Read more [...]


A good game to use in practice that’s also a good drill is the game baseball. Place a player on each of the faceoff dots in each free pass circle, and two players up by the ringette line, and a player in the middle of all four players. Line all the other players up in a corner and the first person in line passes the ring to the player closest to them and then skates as fast as they can around all the players and tries to beat the ring to the player in the middle. Read more [...]

Star Passing

For this drill you will need mini rings or regular rings. Five players stand in a circle and one player starts with the ring and passes it to the person who is second to their right. The passing continues for as long as the drill wants to be run for. At anytime you can add a second ring in so they have to pay even more attention. This drill really helpings with repetitive passing and making sure passes are accurate to get to the proper person. Also in this drill you can get them following Read more [...]

Pepper Passing

One of the drills that I like for passing is the pepper passing drill, because you get a lot of quick passes and need to keep the speed of the drill going. In this drill one person stands on the ice with three or four people making somewhat of a semi circle around them. The person across from the three or four players starts off with a ring and passes it to the person on the one end, and the ring is passed back to them. It keeps going with passes to all the players, and after a couple of passes Read more [...]

Team Canada Drill

All you need for this drill s full ice, your team (you can do this with the team you're practicing with too if you don't have full ice), and rings.  Split everyone into corners diagonally from each other. Three players from one end of the ice start the drill.  The first player in the line skates around the face off dot in the circle with a ring and takes a shot on net, the second person skates around the top of the circle and takes a shot on net, and the third skates just below the blue Read more [...]