Another Esso Golden Ring come and gone

The end to another Esso Golden Ring has come and gone.  It was a busy three days full of some amazing ringette. Results U12A 1- Sherwood Park Shock 2- St. Albert Power U12B 1- Lethbridge Lunachix 2- St. Albert Illusion U12C 1- Red Deer Elite 2- Cal NW Tsunamis U14AA 1- Calgary Blue 2- Calgary Red U14A 1- Spruce Grove Renegades 2- Cochrane Rockies   U14B 1- Leduc Jaguars 2- Lethbridge Rattlers U16AA 1- Calgary Blue 2- Calgary Apex U16A 1- Read more [...]

Mothers and Daughters

Ringette, a sport that can be played by anyone at any age isn’t just a sport for one family member, but is a sport that mothers are signing their daughters up for. “We love the actual game itself. Ringette is a fast game and one that involves a lot of skill and athleticism,” explains Kathy Leonard who has been playing ringette for 39 years and has two daughters that play. “My dad saw a ringette game and since my brothers played hockey he decided it would be good for me to also be on Read more [...]

Singing cheers on the Morning Show

In 2004 my team got the chance to sing some cheers on the Morning Show before our first game.  I remember it being a lot of fun and that I got to give a ringette sweater and stick to the person from the Morning Show that came out to the arena we were at.


My First Esso Golden Ring

In 2002 I played in my first Esso Golden Ring tournament and my aunt who signed me up for ringette came out to the tournament, but I didn’t find that out until the Friday morning. I don’t remember too much from that tournament, but I asked my mom about my first Esso Golden Ring. During the tournament my aunt took me up to the control room, so some of the committee members could finally meet me since my aunt would talk about me since I joined ringette. At the end of my final game my aunt gave Read more [...]

This years Esso Golden Ring

  This years Esso Golden Ring is the 30th Anniversary of the tournament. There are 195 teams taking part in 368 games over the three days of the tournament. One hundred and two teams are from Calgary, 77 teams from around Alberta, 10 from British Columbia, 2 from Manitoba, and 4 from Saskatchewan. The 368 games come to a total of 490.25 hours of ice at 26 different arenas around Calgary. There are 104 referee’s officiating in the tournament, and some referees are coming from New Brunswick Read more [...]

History of the Esso Golden Ring

The first Esso Golden Ring was held January 2-5, 1986 at Village Square arena with 22 teams participating playing a total of 59 games.  Divisions competing were Junior, Belle, and Deb.  The tournament started as an ‘A’ level tournament, which is equivalent to what ‘AA’ is today.   January 2-4, 2987- 21 teams participated in 54 games.  Teams from Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba competed in the Tween, Junior, Belle, and Deb levels.   December 27-29, Read more [...]

Another Esso Golden Ring come and gone

Well the end of another Esso Golden Ring has come and gone. The weekend was full of early mornings, late nights, and a full schedule in between. After taking a few days to relax and stay home from the rinks to get a bit of a break from the sport is almost a must after this tournament. I think the weekend went pretty good with having 190 teams playing 365 games in just the three days. From what I saw during the weekend it went smoothly. There were some amazing games to watch, especially the Read more [...]

Golden Ring day one summary

The first day of the Esso Golden Ring held a lot of amazing games to watch. Tournaments always have teams playing a more determined and intense games. I love watching games all throughout tournaments because some just go out and play their hardest knowing that the weekend could be cut short at anytime. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to watch as many games yesterday as I would’ve liked to, because of having to go to class in the middle of the day, but I got to watch a few games including Read more [...]

Another start to the Esso Golden Ring come and gone

Well another day one to the Esso Golden Ring has come and gone.  There were some amazing games to watch today and there will be more to come as the weekend progresses. Tomorrow is another early start so I will put up a bit of a summary of today up at some point tomorrow morning when I'm more awake. Don't forget to come out to the Calgary Rath vs. Ottawa Ice games tomorrow.  Their first game is played at noon at East Twin Red, the second game is at 6:45pm at the Don Hartman North East Sportsplex Read more [...]

World’s largest Ringette tournament

Esso Golden Ring returns to Calgary By: Elizabeth Merritt (@emerritt95) The Esso Golden Ring tournament returns to Calgary hosting the largest ringette tournament in the world. This year there are 365 games played in just three days. There are 105 officials to cover the 365 games that require over 700 assignments to fill. To run the tournament, there are 600 volunteers hosting 190 teams with 2,607 players. Teams come from British Columbia through Prince Edward Island to participate in the tournament. Ringette Read more [...]