Another Esso Golden Ring come and gone

Well the end of another Esso Golden Ring has come and gone. The weekend was full of early mornings, late nights, and a full schedule in between. After taking a few days to relax and stay home from the rinks to get a bit of a break from the sport is almost a must after this tournament. I think the weekend went pretty good with having 190 teams playing 365 games in just the three days. From what I saw during the weekend it went smoothly. There were some amazing games to watch, especially the Read more [...]

End of day two

Today has been an amazing day to watch games.  The games were really close and intense to watch.  Tomorrow morning holds many semi final games. I'm back at the rink to coach at 7am tomorrow morning.  I just hope it isn't as tense as the game I coached tonight. If you just want to go and watch some good games go check out the Esso Golden Ring website to see what games are being played tomorrow. Read more [...]

Golden Ring day one summary

The first day of the Esso Golden Ring held a lot of amazing games to watch. Tournaments always have teams playing a more determined and intense games. I love watching games all throughout tournaments because some just go out and play their hardest knowing that the weekend could be cut short at anytime. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to watch as many games yesterday as I would’ve liked to, because of having to go to class in the middle of the day, but I got to watch a few games including Read more [...]

Another start to the Esso Golden Ring come and gone

Well another day one to the Esso Golden Ring has come and gone.  There were some amazing games to watch today and there will be more to come as the weekend progresses. Tomorrow is another early start so I will put up a bit of a summary of today up at some point tomorrow morning when I'm more awake. Don't forget to come out to the Calgary Rath vs. Ottawa Ice games tomorrow.  Their first game is played at noon at East Twin Red, the second game is at 6:45pm at the Don Hartman North East Sportsplex Read more [...]