How to deal with injuries

The most important thing to do when you get injured is to not sit on the bench and let yourself get cold, because your injury will get stiff and that is the worst thing to let happen to an injury. I was one of the kids, who would do nothing when I was injured, which led to worse injuries that took longer to heal. Make sure you figure out if you should use ice or heat as soon as you can and use it often. If you get injured during a game or practice don’t let yourself get too cold, because if you Read more [...]

How it’s more of a team sport

I believe that ringette is more of a team sport because of having to pass the ring across the blue line. In ringette no one can pull a Bobby Orr with going from one end to the other. It is also a team sport because of how many players are allowed in each zone. In the two youngest levels players are only allowed to score three goals per game, which helps make it truly a team sport because they have to help their teammates score goals. When starting out with only being able to score three goals they Read more [...]

Lonnie Krahn Classic day three

What an amazing weekend. Four games for the Fireballs, they didn’t give up at all during any of their games. They won the tournament for their division, which they played an amazing last game of the tournament. It was such a great game to watch and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings for them, we have two more tournaments before Christmas and at least one after, so it should be a great year. The game was tied in the last two minutes and they scored the winning goal with a minute Read more [...]

Lonnie Krahn Day Two

Today was another great day for ringette. The Fireballs won their game this afternoon and now they're playing in the final of the tournament in the U12C division. They're playing the team they played yesterday morning so it should be a great game to watch. For me tomorrow it will most likely be a game that will drive us coaches crazy. In this tournament there are only four teams playing in the U12C division, so the top two teams are the ones playing in the final. For every win a team gets two points, Read more [...]

Lonnie Krahn Classic

Today had an amazing start to the day.  First game of the season for the Fireballs, the start to a tournament.  I was actually excited to get up this morning, and I'm not a morning person.  Even though I personally still had to go to class while the girls on the team I coach didn't it has been a great day. The Fireballs won their first game as a team 7-6 against BV Blitz.  At half time they were losing 6-2 and they were able to come back and win their game.  They played an amazing game and Read more [...]

How to survive tournament weekends

With tournaments already starting up again here are some ways I get through them Get as much rest as possible- make sure to have down time in between games if you have more than one a day Drink lots of water Eat healthy- make sure to have a good breakfast STRETCH- this is probably one of the most important. Make sure you stretch properly before and after games. Eat after games Get pumped up- get yourself pumped up for games Laugh and have fun- tournaments are all about having fun so make Read more [...]

Season back in full swing

Being back on the ice is an amazing feeling. The sound of the ice crunching under my skates is a sound that I have missed since the season ended last March. Being back at the rinks every week is something I look forward to every time I leave the rink, just wanting to be on the ice as much as possible. Going to the rink every weekend is one of my favourite ways to spend my weekend. Being able to shoot the ring again is an amazing feeling and one of the things I miss the most about playing. Helping Read more [...]

How teams are formed

Every player that registers for ringette is required to participate in evaluations for teams to be made. The evaluation process I’m focusing on will be Calgary NW. The first two ice times are strictly drills. The older the age group the fewer amount of drills are done. At the first ice time the evaluators look at the players main skills like skating, passing, and shooting. Evaluators do no get a list of player names; instead they get a list of numbers under a heading of each pinnie colour. The Read more [...]

Tournament season has begun

Tournament season is already starting. The U12C team I coach got into the Lonnie Krahn Classic tournament held October 16-19, 2014 here in Calgary. This particular tournament used to be held in the spring and called the Lonnie Krahn Spring Classic. With tournaments starting up again it means spending weekends at rinks watching games. I can’t wait for tournaments, especially out of town ones. Early morning games in tournaments don’t always feel that early to me. It’s just a whole different Read more [...]

How the Game is Played

Ringette has the same equipment as hockey. There are a few differences such as the triangles on the cage of the helmet, a straight stick, and a ring is used instead of a puck. The sport is played on-ice; there are “ringette” or “free-play lines” at the top of the circles around the face-off dots. Ringette also has an extended goal crease in which only the goalie or acting goal keeper (AGK) are allowed to be in. Only three players of the five are allowed in each end zone from each team not Read more [...]