How teams are formed

Every player that registers for ringette is required to participate in evaluations for teams to be made. The evaluation process I’m focusing on will be Calgary NW. The first two ice times are strictly drills. The older the age group the fewer amount of drills are done. At the first ice time the evaluators look at the players main skills like skating, passing, and shooting. Evaluators do no get a list of player names; instead they get a list of numbers under a heading of each pinnie colour. The Read more […]

Tournament season has begun

Tournament season is already starting. The U12C team I coach got into the Lonnie Krahn Classic tournament held October 16-19, 2014 here in Calgary. This particular tournament used to be held in the spring and called the Lonnie Krahn Spring Classic. With tournaments starting up again it means spending weekends at rinks watching games. I can’t wait for tournaments, especially out of town ones. Early morning games in tournaments don’t always feel that early to me. It’s just a whole different Read more […]

How the Game is Played

Ringette has the same equipment as hockey. There are a few differences such as the triangles on the cage of the helmet, a straight stick, and a ring is used instead of a puck. The sport is played on-ice; there are “ringette” or “free-play lines” at the top of the circles around the face-off dots. Ringette also has an extended goal crease in which only the goalie or acting goal keeper (AGK) are allowed to be in. Only three players of the five are allowed in each end zone from each team not Read more […]

Ringette History Part Two

Canadian Ringette Championships: 1979: Winnipeg, Man. 1980: Waterloo, Ont. 1981: Sudbury, Ont. 1982: Dartmouth-Cole Harbour, N.S. 1983: Sherwood Park, Alta. 1984: Port Coquitlam, B.C. 1985: Dollard des Ormeaux, Que. 1986: Regina, Sask. 1987: Kitchener, Ont. 1988: Winnipeg, Man. 1989: Fredericton, N.B. 1990: Calgary, Alta. 1991: Hull, Que.- televised by TSN 1992: Port Coquitlam, B.C.- televised by TSN 1993: Kitchener, Ont.- televised by TSN 1994: Saskatoon, Read more […]

Ringette History Part One

Ringette was invented in North Bay, Ont. by Sam Jacks in 1963.  Sam Jacks was the Director of Parks and Recreation in North Bay at the time and one of his interests was to start a game for girls to play on-ice.  He had three boys Barry, Bruce, and Brian who played hockey, and Sam believed that girls should also have the opportunity to play an ice game. The very first ringette game was played during the winter of 1963-64 in Espanola in Northern Ontario.  The sport has never looked back and is Read more […]

What Ringette Means to Me

Ringette has become something that I cannot go without. During the summer months I find myself just wanting to get back to the rink to go skating and to just be back to one of my favorite places to be. Every summer I look forward to ringette starting and being able to start skating again, as well as seeing everyone that I have met throughout playing, refereeing, and coaching. I joined because my aunt signed me up when we moved to Calgary and I hated it when I started, I didn’t know anyone and Read more […]