Heart Creek Trail

To get back into sharing my photos I thought I would start off with some pictures from my most recent hike. I honestly haven’t had as much time for photography as I would like and most of my recent photos have been from going on hikes and it will probably continue to be like that for a while. So, I figured why not share photos from my hikes to also be able to share some of my favourite hikes that I go on this summer. I’ve gone on a couple other hikes before this one, but honestly, I didn’t Read more [...]

Johnston Canyon

Before last week I hadn’t been to Johnston Canyon since April 2012. After hiking for a bit I realized I like it better in the summer when there isn’t any snow or ice on the paths. The different views are one of my favourite parts of the trails, because there’s always something to look at. Also the breeze and the spray from the waterfalls are perfect for a summer day. Once getting to the Upper Falls I didn’t end up going too much further up the trail, but I will one on of my next trips Read more [...]

Camera Equipment I’m taking to Maui

Tomorrow morning I'm leaving for Maui for five days and it took me a while to fully decide what I wanted to pack for my camera equipment. I'm taking as little camera equipment as possible since this really is a vacation to mostly relax. I'm taking both my camera bodies. My D500 and D750. I was only going to bring one camera since I'm only there for five days, but I decided on both since I have a video I need to work on, so I need both cameras. I'm also going to have my point and shoot with me Read more [...]

My favourite places to photograph

I love finding new places to go to for taking pictures, but I have some places that I love going to and know that I can go to those places if I have an idea in my head. The first place is any rink, because I always have an idea in my head for photos at a rink. The Rocky Mountains and the lake at my families cottage have become my favourite place to go for landscape photos and I always look forward to taking photos on trips to both places. I also love going to parks to take photos because Read more [...]

Photographing the mountains

Spending the weekend in the mountains meant taking a lot of pictures and trying different things. With all the snow and rain that ended up happening I didn't get to try as much as I would've liked to, but I'm already planning on going out there again to try different things. The colours of everything in the mountains was probably my favourite part of the trip. Everything was so vibrant and beautiful to see. My biggest challenge taking pictures was the snow and rain making it hard to see Read more [...]