What calls for a delay of game penalty

A delay of game penalty is committed if:

  • A player commits a violation after being warned for the same infraction
  • A player intentionally shoots or holds the ring out of play
    • This includes holding the ring with the hand, sitting on or gathering the ring, holding the ring against the boards or the net to create a stoppage in play, and carrying the ring with the stick while both the ring and the playing end of the stick are off the ice surface
  • A player becomes involved in the play while completely in a prohibited area
  • A player, other than the goalkeeper or AGK, deliberately enters the goal crease
  • While the ring is in an end zone, a skater of the team not in control of the ring, in excess of the maximum number permitted in that restricted area, enters the restricted area and any skater of that team becomes involved in the play in the restricted area while there are too many skaters in that area
  • A player throws a stick, or a stick is thrown from bench onto the ice surface to a skater or goalkeeper
  • A player intentionally dislodges the net from its normal position during play
  • A skater, having lost a helmet or facial protector during play, fails to either immediately replace the lost equipment or to proceed directly to the players’ bench
  • A goalkeeper intentionally removes mandatory protective equipment
  • A player plays with a broken or damaged stick. A broken or damaged stick must be dropped immediately and must not be removed from the ice by any player during play
  • A skater becomes involved in the play when holding onto a goalkeeper’s stick
  • A player jumps or climbs over the boards when entering or leaving the ice
  • A player or team staff member uses deliberate delaying tactics such as: excessive line changes, excessive request for rule interpretations, repeated falling on the ring, faking injury, excessive adjustment of equipment, or delaying the transfer of the ring to the defending goalkeeper on a goalkeeper ring
  • A player refuses to leave the ice after being advised to do so by an on-ice official, or returns to the ice before play has resumed, when play has been stopped due to a suspected injury to that player
  • A penalized player, having been injured and replaced on the penalty bench, returns to the ice before the penalty time expires
  • A team fails to replace and injured goalkeeper within the specified time
  • A skater plays with a stick, or a goalkeeper plays with a stick, goalkeeper’s pads, blocker, or catching glove, that is not within specifications
  • A team requests for an equipment measurement and the equipment is within specifications
  • A team withdraws from the ice or refuses to start play for the first time and resumes play within one minute of being advised to do so by an on-ice official

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