Sam Jacks and why the sport was invented

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Samuel Perry Jacks invented ringette in 1963 because girls for a long time he saw that females needed a team sport to play on ice. Sam Jacks was born on April 23, 1915 in Glasgow, Scotland. At the time of inventing ringette he was director of parks and recreation in North Bay, Ont.

Sam Jacks had three sons Barry, Bruce, and Brian who all played hockey, but he believed that girls should also have the opportunity to play an ice game. The game was finalized in 1963, and is a game designated to keep people moving and encourage participation.

Sam Jacks was recognized for his many accomplishments and received many awards, including: The Ontario Achievement Award; The Citation for Outstanding Contribution and Dedication to Recreation; Induction into the North Bay Hall of Fame; and Induction into the Ontario Ringette Association Hall of Fame.

Jacks always looked to the future and he saw ringette even beyond what it is today and there was never any doubt in his mind that the sport would grow across Canada and the World.

Sam Jacks died on May 14, 1975, but his dream lives on.

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