Photo Challenge 2016 Week 1: Selfie

For my first weekly photo challenge I thought I would make it a bit about me.

While thinking about what I wanted to try I got an idea from remembering some photos that I’ve seen from my cousin who’s also a photographer. I wanted this photo to be a representation of me and there’s quite a few choice that I could’ve made.

I chose to take a picture of my camera to show my love of photography, because I pretty much always have some kind of camera with me.


For the picture of the camera I placed it on my desk, opened the curtains to let more ambient light in, and turned on a small lamp on my desk. Once I got my settings how I wanted I started taking photos from different angles until I got the photo I liked the most. Editing the photo I just tried different things by moving sliders around in Lightroom until I achieved a look I really like.


Figuring out a location for the actual selfie took quite a bit of thinking. I originally wanted to take the photos at a park in a location I really like, but I ended up not getting to the park. I ended up just taking the photo in my room until all ambient light.

Editing the photo of me I didn’t adjust much just the vibrance and clarity.


Combining the photos I put the photo of the camera over the photo of me and blended the camera photo using the overlay blend option.


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