To get back into sharing my photos I thought I would start off with some pictures from my most recent hike. I honestly haven’t had as much time for photography as I would like and most of my recent photos have been from going on hikes and it will probably continue to be like that for a while. So, I figured why not share photos from my hikes to also be able to share some of my favourite hikes that I go on this summer.

I’ve gone on a couple other hikes before this one, but honestly, I didn’t take too many pictures or there just wasn’t as many opportunities. On one of those hikes I ended up being waist deep in snow, so it was hard to take photos because I was falling every two minutes pretty much and having a few mini snowball fights. On the other hike I didn’t actually end up taking my camera out of my bag and just took some photos on my phone to enjoy the hike with my friend and there weren’t too many spots to take photos without it being the same view in every picture.

Going to Heart Creek Trail I wasn’t fully sure what to expect. I had looked at photos because honestly that’s one of the ways I choose my hiking trails is based off of the pictures I see online. Heart Creek Trail isn’t that long of a hike and is an easy hike with a few tricky spots, but what hike doesn’t have a couple tricky spots honestly? This hike was a very picturesque hike and it’s one I already know I’m going to go back to in the fall after the first snow fall, because it’s going to be such a beautiful spot to go to with a bit of snow.

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If you want a hike where you can take a lot of pictures or even want to do a couple short hikes in a day this is one you would want to do. Every single turn we made gave us another spot to take a photo. We also took our time exploring around because we both love taking our time on a hike to take photos and not feel rushed going on the hike.

At the end of the trail you come to a spot with a waterfall, but you can keep going a little bit further you get to a bit of a cave area. This area had a lot of different rocks you could sit on to relax, eat, and even take some pictures. We didn’t really explore too far into the cave area mainly because we didn’t want to get our feet soaking wet with having to hike back down still.

The friend I went hiking with decided to go up to the waterfall and stand under it because it’s a very small waterfall and I’m very glad I captured pictures of it.

One of the reasons I love going on hikes with my friend who I went hiking with is because she’ll help me take any photo that I want to try and I’ll do the same for her. For this photo I had seen a similar photo on Pinterest and I wanted to give it a shot this hike because we had the opportunity. I think next time I go hiking with her I might try this again and will also look for some other picture ideas to try.

With this being a shorter and easier hike, it would be a good one to do at either the beginning or the end of your day if you’re wanting to do a longer hike as well or a couple shorter hikes in a day. If you’re just getting into hiking or looking for a first hike of the season, I feel like this is a must do hike primarily because of the pictures you can take and with the amount of places you can stop to explore a bit more on your way up or down the trail.

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A must for going hiking is going with someone who takes photos of you taking photos as well as while you’re walking across a log over a small waterfall.

What are some hikes you recommend? I’m always looking for more hiking options.

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