Game time rules

  • In Alberta regulation game consists of two twenty-three minute periods of stop time from U16 and above and two eighteen minute periods for U14 and below- I’m not fully sure for U10 and Active Start though
  • Overtime is at the discretion of the tournament organizers or the local governing body
  • Each time is permitted one 30-second timeout per game- and one additional 30-second timeout every full length overtime period
    • The timeout request must be made by a player on the ice or by a team staff member to an on-ice official at a stoppage in play
    • No more than one timeout per team shall be permitted during the same stoppage in play
    • Both teams may take a timeout during the same stoppage in play- the second team’s timeout request must be made before the first timeout expires
    • No rings are permitted on the ice for use by the team during timeouts

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