While choosing different photo challenges every week throughout the summer I also ended up doing some photo challenges without realizing it or I did more than one challenge some weeks and only posted the one challenge.



At the cottage I’m always taking landscape pictures because it’s so beautiful there and I only get there once a year maybe twice a year if I go there for Thanksgiving, which has only been once before and that was two years ago now.

Happy place

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Aside from the rinks the cottage and the mountains are by far my happy place to go photograph. Every time I end up back at the one of those places I fall in love with photography again.


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I tried night photography and it quickly became a favourite of mine and I can’t wait to do more night photography when I get the chance.


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Being the spotter in the boat I had the chance to capture silhouettes while the sun was going down each night.



At the cottage there’s this one cottage that I’ve never seen anyone at and it’s started collapsing in, so while thinking of photo challenges for the summer as soon as I remembered about that cottage I knew I’d end up photographing it.

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