Being back at the Rink Again

Last night was my first time back at ringette since the Ringette Alberta Challenge in April. Also I haven’t played since the 2011/2012 season, so it was a bit different since I’ve just been coaching and reffing for the last three seasons.

It honestly felt odd wearing my full equipment again, since I just haven’t worn it much in the past few seasons. All though I’m realizing now that I should probably have started off slowly with getting back into ringette. It felt great out on the ice again- just being able to shoot the ring again was an amazing feeling that I have missed.

I will admit last night I completely screwed up some of my shots, but when doesn’t that happen to anyone. I did get one goal though and honestly I just shot the ring and there was a few people between me and the goalie it went through their legs and because the goalie was blocked it went in.

Next week the National Ringette School Summer Ringette League I signed up for starts, and I’m pretty excited for it because it just means the season is just that much closer to starting again.

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