Month: August 2017

Photo Challenge 2017 Week 17: Edge

For this weeks photo challenge I chose Edge after looking at photos from a hike in Drumheller on Friday. I didn't take too many photos, but I took this one right before getting to the main part of the trail we went on overlooking where we were going to be hiking. Read more [...]

Photo Challenge 2017 Week 16: Landscape – Nighttime

For this weeks challenge I chose a photo from vacation when I set my camera up to take a 30 second exposure photo. Originally I was out taking photos to capture a star trail, but it didn't end up working because the clouds I couldn't see when I set up my camera. Even though the star trail didn't work out I still got some amazing photos. Read more [...]

Photo Challenge 2017 Week 15: Dance

For this weeks photo challenge I’ve chosen Dance. My cousin is a dancer, so while we were taking photos with glow sticks she did some dance moves.

August Ringette League 2017

Tomorrow night the 2017 August Ringette League begins. This is the third year the National Ringette school is putting on the August League. There are four teams that put together the league. Games are Tuesday and Thursday nights at Mount Pleasant arena. The first game of the night is at 7:15p.m. with the second game following at 8:45p.m. The August League is for U19 and Open ringette players. I'm excited to be back at the rinks because it means the actual season is closer to starting. It's Read more [...]

Photo Challenge 2017 Week 14: Fun

For this weeks photo challenge I chose Fun. My cousin and I have gone out and taken some photos on a couple of different nights here with glow sticks and sparklers, which have been a lot of fun. We’ve been trying different things that I’ve wanted to try and then we’ve come up with ideas on the spot. We’re still going to go out and try different things before we both leave the cottage.

July 2017 photos of the month

Photo Challenge 2017 Week 13: Relax

This weeks challenge is Relax. I've just gotten to the cottage and have been sitting in the boat relaxing, so I thought Relax would be the perfect challenge to capture. Being at the cottage is always relaxing, so it's the prefect place to capture it. Read more [...]