Month: September 2016

Start of a new season

  It’s time for another season to begin. Tonight my team has our first game of the season and I’m pretty excited for it. I’m still playing with Open B Assault and this year I’m coaching a U16B team. Since the beginning of September I’ve had a lot of ringette going on. I’ve been helping with running practices for the start of the season, gone to power skating with the association I’m coaching with, and have also helped with the start of the season assessments. Now that Read more [...]

Photo Challenges Update

Now that the summer is over and I did some kind of photo challenge for 18 weeks I'm still going to be trying new things and challenging myself, but won't be doing a challenge every week. I've been thinking a lot about it and since I'm back in school I unfortunately won't have as much time for photography, so I decided that when I challenge myself or realize I've done a photo challenge I'll write a post to go along with what I've done. I love doing photo challenges because it has gotten me to Read more [...]

August 2016 photos of the month

Photo Challenge 2016 Week 18: Something I love

For this weeks photo challenge I decided to share something that I love. Ringette. I've been watching ringette for 17 years now and it has honestly become something I love and am passionate about. The season is just starting up so I thought that this would be a good time to share a few photos from being back at the rink. I absolutely love the feeling of skating around the rink with a ring and being the only one out on the ice.   Read more [...]

How the August League went

Last night the August League finished up and my team came in third place. I really enjoyed playing eight games to get ready for the season without having to worry about the shot clock going off. Having games like the August League games before the season are really great in my opinion because of getting some ice time in before evaluations, tryouts, or your teams first practice. Now that the August League is finished it's time for the regular season to start. When does the regular season Read more [...]