Month: August 2015

Highlights on Last Season

Last season held a lot of amazing games and a lot of amazing events throughout the entire season. For me last season it started off with the team I coached winning the Lonnie Krahn Classic on Sunday, Oct. 19, 2014 in a very tense game against BV Blitz. I got the change to go to the Ed Horvath Interprovincial tournament in Medicine Hat that I’ve wanted to go to for quite a few years now, and I got the catch up with a lot of people I know and got to watch some of the girls I’ve coached play Read more [...]

Required Equipment

In ringette everyone is required to wear certain equipment to be able to play. Required equipment includes; a helmet with a face mask, a neck guard, shoulder pads, elbow pads, a girdle, shin pads, hockey skates, gloves, and a stick. Over the equipment everyone must wear a jersey and some kind of ringette pant. Goalies wear just about all the same equipment every other player wears, while they also wearing goalie pads, a goalie blocker, a catching glove, and have a goalie stick. Goalies can Read more [...]

Come try ringette

Today I was at Come Try Ringette at the Don Hartman Northeast Sportsplex and it was a really neat thing to be at. This was one the first come try ringette that I have been to and it was a really neat thing to be at. It’s a really neat event because it’s a great way to get people to come out and try the game before signing up for it. Also it reminded me of when I started playing because my mom has told me many times that I used to not be able to skate at all. I was out there taking pictures Read more [...]

How the August Ringette League went

The August Ringette League was a really great and I’m so happy that I signed up for it. The team I was on came in second place and as I’ve said before I really like game play for getting ready for the season. It was a really great thing to do and I can’t think of a better way to get ready for the season. Even though some nights we didn’t have everyone for the team there it was still really great and after playing eight games I’m ready for this season. In the beginning it was a bit Read more [...]

50 hour game

Being part of the 50 hour game to celebrate 50 years of ringette on November 1, 2013 in Indus, Alta was a really great experience. Reffing a game at midnight is something that I won’t soon forget. It was actually quite entertaining and it was such a great experience. I remember having a nap that night before leaving for Indus when I would normally be eating and stopping at a 7-11 on my way to the rink to get a slurpee and an energy drink just so I wouldn’t fall asleep. It was a great Read more [...]

How to properly set a pick

Setting a proper pick is something that if it’s not done properly it can cause a penalty. A pick is normally set on the defending centre once the defensive triangle has been set up. In order for a pick to be successful the ring carrier must push or move the defending centre into the already stationary pick. The person setting the pick has to set their position early enough to declare their sport on the ice before the pick is used. The ring carrier skates up the side boards and then turns before Read more [...]

Offensive Triangle

The offensive triangle is something that comes in handy if at any point during a game the other team has two penalties. In order to do this you set up a triangle around the other teams defence and you pass the ring around them while still in the triangle. At any point in passing the ring anyone can take a shot. This play really works at getting the defence and the goalie out of position. Read more [...]

Final week of the August Ringette League

It is the final week of the August Ringette League. Tomorrow night’s games determine who plays in the first vs. second and third vs. fourth game on Thursday night. I play at 8:45p.m. tomorrow night against team red. It should be a good game and I’m sure that I will end up at the orange vs. blue game. This August League has been a really great way to get ready for the season because of being in game mode. I’m really glad that I signed up for this because I feel like it is the perfect way Read more [...]

Why I love ringette

Since joining ringette I’ve come to love the sport even though I didn’t like the sport at all in the beginning. It is now something that I can’t go without thinking about- and I absolutely hate the months without ringette. You meet so many people that end up becoming another family from spending so much time with them. I find that ringette is such a team sport and as the season goes on you can see how teams come together as the season goes on. I love the feeling I get when I’m out on Read more [...]

Rule book definitions

The rule book has some definitions in the beginning, so I thought I would explain some of them with the season getting ready to start back up. Acting Goalkeeper (AGK): the AGK is a skater who is acting in the position of the goalkeeper during goalkeeper substation. The AGK is the only player permitted in the goal crease in their team’s defending zone, and no other player may contact or control the ring unless it’s entirely outside the goal crease The AGK doesn’t have to be a designated Read more [...]